If you want to create an account. To access this account, sign in from a different network, or contact your administrator for more information.

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Create a student account on Amazon Web Services via.

For the student with AWS Academy Account. You will need to use an email address not associated with any. Note.


This account can be used with. . Use Amazon EC2, S3, and more— free for a full year.

aws. Student email affiliated with an education institution, and student ID.


When you sign up, you create an AWS Player account.

Subscribe. The root user has access to all AWS services and resources in the account.

5K subscribers. Note: If you signed in to AWS recently, choose Sign in to the Console.

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AWS Cloud Clubs are student-led user groups for post-secondary level students and independent learners.



com/billing/signup. . If you do not have a standalone AWS account, create an AWS account on aws.

. Amazon Lightsail. Support student and staff success. . Cloud Clubs are a part of the AWS Academic.

10K views 5 years ago Launch and Connect AWS EC3 Instance.

Cloud Clubs are led by student leaders called Captains who organize events on their campus to earn perks such as certification exam vouchers, resume reviews, participation. .


Select Create an AWS Account in the upper right corner.

You can filter down to 1+ accounts with a comma separated list --only student1,student2.

This topic describes how to set up and use AWS Cloud9 as the only user in your AWS account when you're not a student.

AWS Cloud Clubs.