Melissa cares for patients ages 14 and older and has a special interest in whole body wellness, preventative care, disease treatment and management of patients with chronic illnesses.

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Need to do a pre-auth check? Use our pre-authorization tool so we can make sure the services and prescriptions provided are medically necessary. Use Ambetter's tool to help you find an in-network doctor, specialist, or health care facility such as a hospital, urgent care clinic, or pharmacy. .

*Statistical claims and the #1 Marketplace Insurance statement are in reference to national on. This year, Ambetter from Home State Health is.



15, 2023. Sep 27, 2017 · Health Insurance Marketplace Plan.

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5 unfashionable of 5 Rating for Quality, Records Top Spot Among NH Medicaid Health Plans.

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FROM I home state. Learn more. You can count on us to share helpful information about COVID, how to prevent it, and recognize its symptoms.

As an Ambetter member, you have access to the helpful tools and resources you need to manage your plan - all in one place, 24/7. Medicaid and Ambetter Provider Payments Appointment Availability Product Survey NH Healthy Families Makes ampere 4. a a a. . For Chiropractic providers, no authorization is required. Learn more at Ambetter.

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Centene is the provider of the managed Medicaid plan. .


Mar 31, 2023 · Ambetter from Home State Health is Centene's Health Insurance Marketplace product.

Effective 6-1-2021, Cardiac Surgical Services need to be verified by TurningPoint.

Ambetter Home State Health: The Key to Affordable Health Care for Low-Income Families(2023 Update).

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