In this example, manure is applied to meet K 2 O requirements of the crop. The value of the organic matter covers the soil compaction around the heap & some hassle.

RB209 has standard values for FYM in terms of N, P & K.

P 2 O 5, $0.

loan guarantees to producers purchasing appropriate manure transportation equipment in Missouri; USDA Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) that. Annual nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium value of swine slurry from a 4,800-head wean-finish operation is estimated to be $51,685 and from a 4,800-head grow-finish operation is estimated to be $68,750. 40/lb.


. 19 ton of feedlot manure/acre). 2).

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26 per pound for P 2 O 5 applied in the liquid manure): 15 pounds P 2 O 5 per K-gallons x 5 K-gallons x $0.


I can load the bales. Special soil tests.

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Find the value of the P 2 O 5 in a 5,000 gallon load of liquid pit manure produced by mature dairy cows (refer to Table 3 PDF and assume $0.
Yield and/or Tillage Impacts :.

Jul 30, 2004 · A flock of 14,000 breeder hens will produce approximately 150 tons of manure (50 percent dry weight basis) per year with a potential gross value of $4,300.

Litter removed from a broiler house is usually very bulky (67 cubic feet per ton), increasing its transportation cost per pound of nutrient.

. Calculate the number of animal units in a single building as: Step 2. 2.

That works out to about $3,000 per year. . . Poultry litter is an excellent, low cost fertilizer if used properly. $20.

Inorganic — nitrogen (NO 3 -N and NH 4 -N) $10.

The amount of nutrients in manure depends on the type of manure and how it is handled. Covers 5 cu.





Missouri: $60 to $120: $100 to $225: Minnesota: $45 to $145: $93 to $235.